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The Collie.

My update for today shall be in English for couple of reasons. The first one is that I've spent some time (again) going trough several pages about Collies, Border Collies, Shepherd's Dogs, English Shepherds and so on. You get the picture. The second reason is that because English language is the "world language", known by many out of which one is Google, maybe this post will lure some readers that have never read my blog before. That's also the explanation for the simple title. Also maybe by luring new, international readers I can finally start out some conversation and maybe even get some answers to these questions that keep ever so persistently nagging somewhere in my brains. 

Caught your interest yet? Good. Proceed, if you please. 

I've written several posts in this blog about how I see the Collie we have today and how I feel other people see it. To me Collie is the breed. It's the dog, that I'm afraid I've lost my heart to. It's always a pain to see the ones you love suffer, don't you agree. 

The Collie of my ideals is a beautiful working dog. It must have the elegance and grace, the stunning beauty that catches the attention of the eye simply by being present. The beauty is not just the looks, though. It is also the attitude. Elegance is not only the frame carried, but also something you cannot take away no matter how rugged  one is - even if one is in fact a dog. 

The Collie is not anything else. It's not a Border Collie, and that is no sin nor nothing to be ashamed of. The Collie is the king of the dogs. It's ancestry is pretty much combined with the Border Collies, but at some point they got separated. They got divided in two different breeds. This is where we should stop trying to compare them. Let's keep them as their own separate breeds, who have the same history to some point.

I myself hate and loathe from the bottom of my heart the term "show collie". It's utterly degrading. No animal in this world should be there for "the show". I feel absolute disgust towards the "show type breeding" in any breed or in any animal in general. I simply can't understand how people can not find the beauty in a dog that works for it's purpose? I simply despise the thought that people call themselves breeders yet only bring out dogs those please the show ring judges. Feel free trying and denying it, but you know that those people are real. If you are one of them feel the pain of making a living being some object to show.

This, however, is the point in which I differ from many - not all - people. I see that the typical Collie must be a beautiful, elegant dog that it is at it's best. Not all dogs can't be show ring winners (especially not in today's dog shows) and that is not a matter of shame. It can still be a beautiful dog and, mind you, even according to the actual breed standard. I would know. I've seen Champion dogs that have never even heard about the breed standard for the Collie. Those dogs win. They get the prizes. The people congratulate the winner over their dog's success.

I, however, can not see the elegance. 

As I said before, elegance is an attitude. Something that the dog shows all around it and that make people notice it. Yes, it is usually the work of extraordinarily fine built frame, but there is more. I myself can not see neither beauty or elegance in a dog that has no pride nor nerves. 

A real royalty, when threatened, doesn't lie down on it's back begging for mercy, nor do they run in fear and cry out for someone to save them. Also they most definitely do not wet themselves out of fear. For goodness sake, what kind of a royalty would that be!
No, a real majesty takes everything with dignity. They always think what is best for their people and always aim to save them from threats. They ride in the front line when it comes to protecting their own ones. And when it comes to protecting themselves they keep their dignity, maybe they give a cold, fair warning but if necessary they will protect themselves fiercely. 

This is something many people forget when they talk about the Collie, and how it's suppose to be the royalty of the dog kind. The only want to think of the wonderful figure on what's the dog build on, but they so willingly want to forget and put aside the fact that a real king or queen must have some nerves. Mind you, dignity is not the same thing as passiveness. A passive dog, that has not an interest for it's roundabouts is definitely not the Collie.

The Collie is keen. It's willing. It's loyalty is legendary. It is not a machine for work, not a tool to be used, but a dog in it's best. While we might see the dog as a sort of a royalty, we must always bear in mind that a real Collie is always true to it's master. He wants to fulfill any task given to him. Not with a lighting speed so very much adored and appreciated in today's dogs, but first and foremost with will and aim. 

So much as some of us seem to be keen to forget the fact that our Collie actually has a working dog ancestry, it is the truth. I will not hear about any "show collies". That is something that must stop. 

There is The Collie. The dog that must have the spirit in it. They must have the wonderful drive, the great vitality. 

Recently I've seen more and more some very beautiful young dogs in this breed and I've felt hope and happiness rising their heads once again. However should I somehow find out that these dogs would appear shy and cowardly with bad nerves and lacking the drive they should have, it would make me utterly sad. Who else is going to raise the status of this wonderful, ancient breed if not we, the owners and breeders? 

I still dream that one day the Collie will once again be the working beauty. A dog whose looks will catch the eyes of the passers by, and whose will to work should be second to none. Romantic overview, I admit, but then again that was the situation once.

Until the next time. 

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  1. On se tilanne sentään hiukan jo parantunut verrattuna esim. muutaman vuoden takaiseen tilanteeseen ;)

    1. Sano älä muuta! Ihan totta, nyt alkaa oikeasti olla pikkuhiljaa tunne, että ehkä täältä sittenkin vielä noustaan!

  2. Olen kyllä samaan mieltä tuosta show- hommasta. Alkaa mennä homma jo vähä yli. Kun koira pärjää näyttelyissä niin se on huippukoira... enpähän menis kehumaan. Varsinkin kun ottaa huomioon millasia koiria nykyajan tuomarit palkitsee...
    Enemmän se käyttöominaisuus kertoo koirasta kun näyttelymenestys.

    1. Totta, ja mikä minua itseäni suuresti juuri nimenomaan collien kohdalla ärsyttää on se, että monilla englanninkielisillä sivustoilla puhutaan pitkä- ja sileäkarvaisista collieista nimellä "show collie", siinä missä esimerkiksi juuri border collie on border collie tai jopa pelkkä "collie". Ai että vihaan sitä.
      Minä en edes oikeasti ole mikään näyttelyvihaaja, samoin kuin en vihaa niitä bordercollieitakaan rotuna. Vihaan sitä, miten niihin suhtaudutaan. Vihaan ihmisten asennetta niitä kohtaan. Vihaan sitä, miten ne nähdään. Siinä on paljon vihaa, tiedän, mutta suurilta osin se on myös tietynlaista surua, vähän ehkä sellaista menetyksen kaltaista. Turhauttaa, että niin monet muut ihmiset ei näe niitä asioita samalla tavoin, ja näin ollen tilanteet eivät todennäköisesti tule muuttumaan ainakaan parempaan suuntaan. En tiedä. Se jäänee nähtäväksi.